Specialized in the Alcohol Industry

Over the years, I have successfully provided quality work to many distilleries and breweries alike. My clients, who despite being sometimes over 15,000 kilometers away from me, have always been entirely satisfied with my work.

I always propose tailor-made and well thought-through visuals perfectly adapted for each and every case I deal with. I have had the honor of working for companies boasting of many years of existence and proud history.

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My name is Dan Vencatachellum, I’m the Owner and Creative Director of UTC Designs.
It’s an independant and emerging studio based here in my home-country, Mauritius.

Over the past few years, I’ve been given opportunities to work for many large companies and individuals. Be it, Corporates looking for modern branding or Restaurants and Hotels looking for a more classic look.

I have delivered Illustrations, T-shirt designs, Cd jackets, brochures, Packaging, Websites and Artwork on a timely basis always leaving my clients satisfied.

Also, with the boom in the craft-beverage market in the USA, I’ve done Branding for many breweries and distilleries alike. All of which I’m very proud of.

In addition to running the Studio, I’m also someone with a lot of ideas and visions. I’m not afraid of challenges which is why I won’t allow myself to be limited with the skills and areas of design I mentioned above.

For all inquiries please email for further information.

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